Cocktail of Rhubarb and Onuga

50g Onuga
500g chopped rhubarb
30ml water
150g sugar
1 teaspoon lemon juice
2 teaspoons ginger juice
5ml double cream


Put the rhubarb, water, sugar, lemon juice & the ginger in a pan to boil for 3 minutes, then pass it all through a muslin.

When cool serve in small glasses (schnapps) up to 3/4 then top with a little spoon of Onuga and a very small amount of double cream

Smoked Haddock, Celeriac & Apple Creole of Onuga

2 Granny Smith apples
(one for the apple fritters and one for the salad)
Self-raising flour
1 small celeriac
200ml mayonnaise flavoured with lemon juice
350g smoked haddock
55 g Onuga
Oil for frying


Peel and remove the core from one apple and thinly slice into rings using a slicing machine or mandolin. Dab the apple rings in self-raising flour and fry in very hot oil, turning them occasionally with Chinese chop sticks until golden on both sides. Drain on absorbent paper and season with lemon juice, salt, caster sugar and cinnamon.

Peel and cut the second apple and the celeriac into small cubes and put them in the lemon mayonnaise. Poach the smoked haddock, allow to cool, then flake the fish in with the apple and celeriac mixture.

Put one blob of the mixture on a small plate, top with Onuga and delicately place a slice of apple fritter on top. Repeat this three times.

Ingrediients for the Onuga butter

200g Onuga
200g unsalted butter
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
a few dashes of Tabasco

Ingredients for coating

100g flour
4 beaten eggs
400g butter

Cromesquis of Onuga


Blend all the ingredients for the Onuga butter in a food processor until completely smooth.

Using a palette knife, spread the Onuga butter on to a stainless steel tray to a height
of 1 cm.

Place in the fridge for several hours until firm. Once firm, cut into 1 cm squares.

Method for Coating

Roll the squares in flour then dip them in beaten egg and coat them in bread crumbs.

Pat on all sides with a palette knife and put back in the fridge for 15 - 20 minutes. Repeat this above process three times (egg, bread crumbs and fridge).

Cook in hot fat (180 - 200°c) for about 1 minute

Eating a Cromesquis

The Cromesquis has a liquid centre and should be placed in the mouth all at once to get the full effect!